Børresen / Audio Group Denmark from Next Level HiFi

It was hard to tell where distributor / dealer Next Level HiFi ended and Audio Group Denmark began. Or, vice-versa), it was equally hard to tell if more action was taking place in the room during the demo or in the hallway. Suffice to say, there was a lot of energy flowing, and all that talking made listening a challenge.

The system in the Serenity room was relatively affordabl by the standards of Audio Group Denmark: Børresen C1 loudspeakers with stands ($16,500/pair), AXXESS Forté 3 streamer/DAC with class-A headphone amp ($11,000), plus AXXESS cabling. The system cost $35,000—expensive enough, but nowhere near what many Børresen loudspeakers cost. Good on them for making equipment like this more accessible.

Michael Børrresen told me that the C1s are the superior successor to his X speakers and that they utilize carbon fiber cabinets and a ribbon planar tweeter that kicks in at 2.5kHz. The sound was clean and fast—it moved wonderfully—the soundstage enormous by any standard. From first row center, the soundstage was huge.