Ayon the Chameleon Amplifier

When I poked my head into the Ayon ballroom on Friday, the first day of T.H.E. Show, the sound was too bright for my taste. A day later, listening to the Tape Project’s Master Tape of Nojima Plays Liszt, I found the sound much too subdued and flat. Perhaps, as is often the case at shows, by the end of the show the system arrived at a place of balance.

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Quite the opposite, the Ayon Titan Mono Amps were spectacular. Really, the best sound at the show.

The soundstage was liquid, refined and the presence was live in the large ballroom.

In comparison, the Synergistic room next door was bright and the sound was too front row center. I tried the SR bells you so much like and they were flat and not anything as you described.

Anyway, great show.



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The Ayon system playing the UHA tape deck was just stunning. The Beatles were in the room on those damn tapes! My group of guys must have been back to this room over a dozen times and the tapes were the best thing we heard at the show.

The AVM & Gauder system in this same large ballroom was stunning playing the UHA tape deck as well. The digital I heard on the last day was pretty good but not the quality of the tape deck by any stretch.

In fact we also loved the MBL system playing the same UHA tape deck, their after hours show was the best sound we heard at the show.

Not being critical but maybe folks should take advantage of the hearing tests from Miracle Ear, they do provide free hearing tests. Just saying it would be better to know of a problem.