Audio Note (UK)

I typically attend Audio Note (UK) rooms not just to listen, but to learn.

At Capital Audiofest, Audio Note (UK) owner Peter Qvortrup was reading a book about economics: Limitarinism: The Case Against Extreme Wealth, which calls for caps on the individual fortunes of the super wealthy. I bought it. At AXPONA, Qvortrup carried another massive tome everywhere he went.

Noting my curiosity in the Audio Note (UK) room, Qvortrup gave me an audio test CD, The Likhnitsky Files (Audio Note), by Anatoly Markovich Likhnitsky. After telling Peter how fond I was of John DeVore’s room playing 78s on an EMT turntable, he shared this test disc, which features 78s transferred to CD, with and without noise reduction. I haven't played it yet, but I can’t wait.

I also visit Audio Note (UK) rooms to see what electronic and classical music Audio Note rep Adrian Ford-Crush will play. He did not disappoint at AXPONA.

The all–Audio Note system included the TT-Two Turntable ($4287) with Arm Three/II Tonearm ($2465) and IQ3 MM cart ($1311). A CDT Four CD Transport ($21,119) fed a DAC 4.1x Balanced Signature ($37,713). Amplification was the M3 Phono Preamplifier ($13,199) and Conquest Silver Signature Power Amplifiers ($30,170/pair), driving the AN-E / SPx Ltd Field Coil Speakers ($65,000/pair), which I will soon review for Stereophile. A Box Furniture Modular Double Width 3 Shelf Stand ($3250) and Audio Note (UK) cables completed the setup.

Adrian played a double LP of Kraftwerk remixes, which included a crazy different mix of “Tour De France.” He also pulled out his favorite Yello record, which sounded diffuse but immersive, a fantastic RTI test pressing of Fritz Reiner conducting Byron Janis performing Rachmaninoff, and Jeff Beck’s “Led Boots,” which was so loud, raucous, visceral, and pummeling that we lost half the room.

As always, Audio Note (UK) provided a full body experience.

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I really like this gear. It also provides ease of use.

It would make a fine exit level system and stop the chase.

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The owner of a company making expensive audio equipment was carrying this book around? That's hilarious.