Bliss and Beethoven: That's AXPONA founder Steve A. Davis' promise to show attendees. The bliss comes in the form of several show seminars centering around Transcendental Meditation, which he and his wife Carmen have practiced for many decades. Beethoven is served up across the street, Thursday through Saturday nights, courtesy of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra under guest conductor Mei Ann Chen. Further bliss hopefully comes as attendees experience audio nirvana, or at least cumulative sonic epiphany, in AXPONA's 28 exhibit rooms.

AXPONA hosted a lively mixer for exhibitors the night before the show. Amidst chats with old friends, nibbles of raw veggies, and sips of pineapple juice, I watched how relaxed people appeared the night before the big show. Even without the alcohol to loosen things up, it feels like there's going to be a lot of good energy in the rooms.