Smyth Research Recreates Audio Nirvana

Having recently written a detailed description of Smyth Research's amazing Realiser, which was posted to these pages on February 21, 2012, I shall leave to your click and downward scroll a detailed description of the Realiser's ability to virtually reconstruct "the complete experience of listening to actual loudspeakers in an actual room, in up to eight-channel surround."

In the photo, Smyth's Lorr Kramer is shown demming the A8 package ($2910 ordered direct, $3760 with Stax SRS-2170 entry-level headphones; also available with other headphones when ordered from dealers) to a very eager couple. Overheard before the shot was taken: "Gosh, honey, let's think of whom we know has the best and most expensive speakers and sound system. Once we buy the Realiser and program it at their house, we'll be able to return to the comfort of our own home and, via headphones, listen to the music of our choice through their speakers."

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