Audioengine Expands its Line

"We initially meant our self-powered speakers for the computer market, and never thought you guys from Stereophile would take us seriously," Audioengine's Brett Bargenquast told me in a particularly candid moment. "Then Bob Reina's review of the A2s helped launch us."

It sure did. Bob's glowing review even convinced me to get a pair of Audioengine 5s for my iMac. Years later, they remain in use, making the husband's cheapo TV in the cottage sound far better than it should.

Now, with feedback from the audiophile community, Audioengine, which sells direct on the Web, has launched the 5+ ($399/pair, $469 in solid bamboo). The sound is, in Brett's words, "slightly better, with a little more bass." These babies also have RCA inputs, the USB input moved to the rear, a heatsink, remote control, and upgraded binding posts. (I can speak to the importance of that one). Definitely more audiophile friendly.

Other new products include their 24/96 AudioengineD1 baby DAC ($169). Equipped with USB and optical inputs, this baby also works as a headphone amp. Out just two months, they've already sold out of the initial run. The wireless 24/96 AudioengineD2 ($599/set) can stream HD signals wirelessly up to 100–150 feet. Other launches are expected later in the year.

I can't report on the sound. The room was too full of excited audiophiles chatting away about what new Audioengine product they could add to their systems.

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White or Bamboo A5+'s to go with my iMac and OneLessDesk.

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I love the look of my white A5+ with my Macbook, if that helps.

and I also think their D2 24-bit wireless DAC is a game-changer for the money.

Go Jason!  You're a rockstar