AV RoomService Nixes Unwanted Vibes

AV RoomService's Norman Varney is committed to addressing smaller and smaller vibrations that can affect system performance ways in far less subtle than one might wish. The latest additions to his roster, shown in this admittedly less than sexy photo, includes two chassis lid damping devices. The first, a constrained layer stainless-steel damping strip that attaches internally to a chassis lid, should be affixed at an angle so that it will affect more modes. There are two models: a 12" × 2" strip ($35) or the larger 12" × 24" version ($65).

Norm also has a big black external chassis damping pad (shown beneath the other devices) that contains a "Room Damp" constrained-layer damping compound surrounded by foil to also reject EMI/RFI. This baby comes in two sizes: 5" × 7" ($75) or 5" × 12" ($100). Finally, there's a big thick vinyl-wrapped thingee (approx. $150) that's intended to be combined with the company's EVPs for use under turntables. I hope I've got that right.

Are catchy names forthcoming? We await the news.