Stromtank's New SEQ POWER 5 Distribution Bar

"We always wanted a distribution bar," Stromtank CEO Wolfgang Meletzky explained as he held the device with Annett Dehmel, Stromtank Managing Director. "So, we developed the SEQ 5 (approx. $4000, if I read my scribble correctly), which contains custom-made outlets with special rhodium-plated pure copper contacts." (Furutech GTX-D-NFC receptacles are available as an option.) The AC inlet, which can receive up to 2000W of 120V power and 2800W of 230V power, includes Nano Crystal Formular contacts and a 6.3 × 32mm Slo-Blo fuse.

The SEQ 5 is claimed to contain top-quality wire and components. it includes fully-shielded high-frequency Digital Distortion Suppression (DDS) on all outlets to suppress noise from switching power supplies. For users with a large analog front end, a second version is available that includes one outlet with DDS and four "pure" outlets.

Designed for all components except high-current power amplifiers, the SEQ 5 utilizes a Microchip PIC 16 on its processor board to sequentially switch on one outlet at a time. This allows power to stabilize and reduces peak current on the main power line. The SEQ5's latching relays contain silver nickel chrome molybdenum (NCM)-plated contacts that accomplish 16A high-power transfer without contact distortion. The case is brushed and anodized aluminum/magnesium/silicon, and the mounting plate is brushed stainless steel. Stainless steel on aluminum/magnesium helps reduce mechanical resonance. The SEQ 5 weighs 11lb.