Aurender's Strong Showing at PAF

Aurender, whose music servers were in use in some of the best sounding rooms at PAF, had its own separate static display (with every model) and listening rooms. In the latter, the Aurender N20 ($12,000) produced excellent sound through the Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 3 ($10,995), Constellation Argo Integrated Amplifier ($35,800), Magico A5 loudspeakers ($26,800), Shunyata Research cables and power conditioning, and Grand Prix Audio Monaco equipment stand.

The company's Ari Margolis, Director of Business Development for America, lightened many an attendee's day with a refreshing selection of music. On Andrew Bird's "Underlands," a 24/96 Qobuz stream from his latest album, the system sounded extremely liquid. It was hard to focus through constant talking, but what I could hear was quite good. Equally fine was a 24/96 stream of Brad Mehldau and Chris Thile's "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright." It was great to see the fresh, new look of Aurender software, which I've been away from for far too long.

Gady Sapir's picture

Hello Jason,
What your opinion about Innuos Statement Next-Gen PSU vs Aurender N20?
What your priority? What difference in sound presentation between these servers?
Thank you,