Audio Research VS110 power amplifier & SP16L line preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

VS110: Tube stereo power amplifier. Tube complement: eight 6550EH, five 6N1P. Power output: 100Wpc (impedance not stated) (20dBW). Bandwidth: 10Hz-40kHz, -3dB. Frequency response at 1W: 0.8Hz-40kHz, -3dB. Input sensitivity: 1.1V RMS (28dB voltage gain into 8 ohms). Input impedance: 100k ohms. Damping factor: 11. Output polarity: noninverting. Overall negative feedback: 12.7dB. Risetime: 10µs. Hum & noise: <0.2mV RMS, 103dB below rated output (IHF weighted, input shorted). Power-supply energy storage: 332 joules.
Dimensions: 17.5" W by 7.9" H by 19" D. Weight: 61 lbs.
Serial numbers of unit reviewed: 32302310 (listening), 52102319 (measuring).
Price: $3995.

SP16L: Tube line preamplifier (optional phono stage is available). Tube complement: three 12AX7EH. Frequency response: 1Hz-60kHz, +0/-1dB at rated output, <0.5Hz and >100kHz, -3dB. Distortion: <0.007 at 2V RMS output. Voltage gain: 11.5dB main output, 0dB processor, 0dB Record output. Output impedance: 260 ohms minimum load of 20k ohms and 1000pF maximum capacitance. Output polarity: noninverting. Maximum input: 3.5V RMS. Rated output: 2V RMS into 100k ohms. Maximum output: 15V RMS at 1% THD at 1kHz. Noise: 102dB below 2V RMS output.
Dimensions: 17.75" W by 5.2" H by 10" D. Weight: 12.6 lbs.
Serial numbers of unit reviewed: 72302110 (listening), 03102103 (measuring).
Price: $1995

Both: Approximate number of dealers: 51. Warranty: 3 years, limited; tubes, 90 days.
Manufacturer: Audio Research Corp., 3900 Annapolis Lane North, Plymouth, MN 55447-5447. Tel: (763) 577-9700. Fax: (763) 577-0323. Web:

Audio Research
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