Audio Research SP14 preamplifier System

Sidebar 2: System

My front end consists of the VPI HW19 Mk.III turntable with the Eminent Technology Model 2 tonearm and an AudioQuest 404i-L cartridge. Pandora interconnect from TARA Labs carries LP information to the preamp. I've been using the Conrad-Johnson PV9 as my reference, and was also fortunate to be able to borrow a Classé Audio DR-6. With the SP14, the PV9, and the DR-6 on hand, I felt I would get a good handle on what the sound of these $3000 preamps would be in my system. My CD source is the CAL Tempest II SE, again connected with Pandora interconnect. The Quicksilver KT88 amps sit behind my Acoustat Model Two loudspeakers with a short length of TARA Labs Space & Time Phase II TFA Return connecting them.

I'd like to put in a plug for a product which has made my life easier as an equipment reviewer. I recently purchased an Arcici Super Structure equipment stand. My Merrill Stable Table was loaded, and I needed another rack to house the various components I had in my listening room. The modestly priced Arcici stand filled the bill perfectly. With the easily adjustable shelves, I quickly loaded it up with CD players, preamps, and power supplies. If you're looking for an attractive, solid, and inexpensive rack to house your components, I suggest you look into the Arcici Super Structure; it might be just the thing for you. $EI$B consider it a necessity, for there are often times when I have a room full of electronic gear and nowhere to put it. It also goes a long way toward satisfying the Wife Acceptance Factor, thus ensuring a reasonable degree of domestic tranquility.—Guy Lemcoe

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