Audio Note UK

Audio Note now handles its US sales directly from the UK. The sound in their room may have been warmer than neutral, but it had an immediacy that I enjoy. Here, the vividness of a classic recording of music from Glinka’s Ruslan and Ludmila struggled to triumph over the bass commentary from the adjacent room’s Göbell behemoth. When the booming subsided, Jennifer Warnes emerged triumphant.

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Audio Note is a strange cult. Sounds like 1960s HiFi to me and not in a good way,

Over priced,

And look at this set up...why bother even showing up?

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I look at Audio Note gear and all I see is tired, out of date and frankly, cheap, designs marketed in a cult-like manner to people who need to be on some sort of audio team that's us vs them. They excuse things like shoving the speakers in a corner for bass response as a benefit, wide baffles as a feature instead of just being cheaper-to-build. For God's sake everything they make looks like a cheap kit speaker.