Atlantic Technology System 250 home theater loudspeaker system Review System

Sidebar 2: Review System

All of the speakers except the subwoofers were driven by a Parasound HCA-1206 six-channel amplifier and the latest "Plus" version of the Lexicon CP-3 surround decoder I reviewed in December 1992 (Vol.15 No.12). Other equipment included a Pioneer LDS-97 combination laserdisc/CD player, a Sony DTC-2000ES DAT recorder, a SOTA Cosmos turntable with vacuum hold-down, The Well Tempered Arm, and an Ortofon MC-3000 cartridge and step-up transformer.

Software included recent laserdisc releases, several of the incredible Classic Audio RCA Living Stereo LPs, some recent CDs from Koss Classics, Reference Recordings, and a few other less distinguished labels, and some live-performance DAT recordings of symphonic and chamber music made locally by Steven Stone and me.—J. Gordon Holt

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