Are you interested in any universal all-formats disc-players?

Are you interested in any universal all-formats disc-players?
YES. I bought one already.
8% (33 votes)
Yes, when the prices drop
30% (118 votes)
Yes, when there is more software available
22% (86 votes)
Maybe, when copy-protection issues are solved.
18% (70 votes)
No, I'll stick with two-channel CD.
16% (63 votes)
NO. Vinyl is the only true path.
7% (26 votes)
Total votes: 396

Pioneer, Marantz, Yamaha, and Onkyo now have universal disc-players on the market. Are you interested?

Edward's picture

I'm interested in players which include SACD capability. DVD-A capability doesn't matter to me. SACD works great in a music-only system while DVD-A is awkward unless used in a home theater. If I were to purchase a universal player, it would be because it offers superior SACD and Red Book CD performance. DVD-A capability would not be used. I already have an SACD-only player and an SACD/DVD player and I'm impressed with them.

Mike J.'s picture

I wouldn't say vinyl is the "only true path," but I will admit that the current and neverending upheaval in the format / "software" situation has indeed gotten me back into vinyl a lot more (the next component I will buy will be a new phono stage). As for the digital formats, I'd love to get into SACD. Although there are just not enough recordings available so far, I'm encouraged by the glimmers of hope that we've seen recently. I have all that old Stones stuff on vinyl and probably don't listen to "Between the Buttons" etc. as often as once a decade, but the Stones remasters do seem to be garnering a little attention for SACD, which is all to the good. I look forward to the day when the availability of enough recordings allows me to justify an SACD player. Until then, it's CD...and, well, yeah, vinyl.

jeff toney's picture

when more sacd's are avalable'sacd is the music format.focus on one format.the equipment will behigher quality

Sonny's picture

My primary answer was not listed in the above list. the answer would be "Yes, base on the equipment review for performance couple along with cost."

Paul J.  Stiles's picture

Yes, when there is a reasonably priced (to me) player that will do both SACD and DVD-A excellently.

Brad Kilby's picture

LOL, I don't know if its the only true path but, Its better than CD for a fact !

Bram Hillen ( Holland )'s picture

I enjoy my music using a TWO channel stereo system (B&W Nautilus 802s, Tact RCS room-correction preamp, Bryston 4 B SST (brand-new, very, very good )and the SCD-1 Sony two-channel (SA)CD Player, and I will keep the system for a very long time. Multichannel systems I have heard are a giant leap backwards because they produce sounds in the rear channels, not present in reality.

Stephen Best's picture

Huh? What about "No, I'll stick with SACD"? Separate audio and video players for me!

Daniel Emerson's picture

One big ugly maybe! The companies who are behind this flood of new, seemingly incompatible formats make more money in a day than I will earn in my entire life. Why the hell should I pay for the privilege of doing their market research for them? I urge everyone to completely boycott ALL new formats until the megacorporations can promise us something that ain't the new DCC, Betamax or 8-track. Sure, at their best, they offer something special and I look forward to a high-rez digital source. BUT we have survived on LP, CD, and cassette for long enough. Surely we can hold out a year or two longer until we can be sure that we're not being conned. Remember, a mere boycott is not enough; anyone who objects to being swindled should back his decision up with a letter for the bosses of these companies who are exploiting us.

Stephen Curling's picture

I've been trying to get my hands on a unversal player ever since Pioneer showed off their DV-47A. Price is the only barrier.

Rick Shapiro's picture

No matter what I vote for, someone will find that format illegal!

KJ's picture

I want a universal-all-formats-AUDIO-player.

Forrest Drennen's picture

I will buy one for the releases not available on vinyl, but of course vinyl is the way to go !!

Charles Charalambous / Sydney's picture

I own a pioneer DV-S733A (747 in USA) and after a bit of modification, it sounds amazing. Now I can choose to buy any high resolution disc, based on what I like, not record company/manufacturers politics.

Bobaloo's picture

Don't want all-formats—SACD is so good that I will not bother with DVD-A, which is going nowhere fast.

John Napier, UK's picture

The Pioneer 656. It cost me

Jim tavegia's picture

The resaon I will not is poor two-channel audio quality. I just read a review of a +$3K all in one player that was a great DVD player but an average CD/DVDA player. Do the Japanese feel that PT Barnum was right and there is a sucker born every minute here in the US? Must be. I think you are better off buying a seperate player for each format and buy the one that sounds right to you.

Sam Tellig's picture

No software, no interest.

Ron Bouquet's picture

I think vinyl is still unbeaten, but SACD and DVD-A are my second choice. Followed by the "old CD." As long as the industry is quarreling about the SACD vs DVD-A format and confusing the consumer, it will never replace the old CD.

Panagiotis's picture

I'll stick with two-channel CD.And of course with vinyl. I think vinyl is the best solutions. For consumers because the quality, for music companies because,is copy protected physically!

kongwee's picture

Play anything under the sun!

Attilio Di Sante's picture

yes, providing they sound good ANY format

Mike Healey's picture

I checked "maybe" because universal players have a lot of issues to resolve for multiple formats (just look at the vote selections). How can I be guaranteed that a universal player will play CDs, MP3s, SACDs, DVDs, and DVD-As, in stereo and goofball surround, with equal finesse? Maybe the universal players will function best as single-source transports for separate high-fidelity DACs to bring out the best in each format. Because my turntable and CD player are separate, if I'm interested in buying into a new format, I will probably keep that source component separate as well.

David Schwartz's picture

I'm ready to take the plunge into high resolution two-channel. I've already purchased about a dozen of the Rolling Stones hybrid SACDs. I just know that if I buy an SACD player EMI will almost immediately thereafter announce that The Beatles catalogue will be issued in DVD-A. I'll audition the new universal players as soon as I can. The Beatles catalogue will be coming out in DVD-A. I'm waiting to audition the universal players before considering a purchase.

Watching and waiting's picture

I love my SACDs but right now can only listen through my second setup which is hooked up to my television. The format war, more like a lukewarm conflict, has kept me from investing in an audiphile grade component to mate with my two channel music only system.

Jammrock's picture

I'd love to get one so I won't have to worry about standards, but they are simply not in my budget yet.

Ted's picture

I will buy when a decent company sells one at or below $500.

Al Earz's picture

Actually I will make an investment in a SACD/whatever player when somebody out of the either the US or Europe develope a player. So far this is Japans format, and Japan is a gimick driven industry.

Chris L.'s picture

That doesn't necessarily mean I'll buy much (or any DVD-Audio or SACDs).

Mark B's picture

Well, maybe after I buy my universal washer, dryer, oven, microwave, and back massager. I have my turntable, SACD player, and DVD-A (which is in the HT), as well as a tw0-channel CD player.