Angelic Sound

Loudspeaker manufacturer Angel Sound from Las Vegas was a new name to me, but I was drawn into their room at CES by this striking-looking speaker, which resembles a flame. Called, according to my notes, the S8, the speaker uses ScanSpeak drivers, can be supplied in custom colors, and costs $180,000/pair. The system in use featured Angel Sound DAC, amplifier, and cables, with a C.E.C transport, but the adverse room acoustics prevented me from forming any real opinion of the speakers' sound quality.

corrective_unconscious's picture

That sure looks like an expensive speaker stuffed adversely into a corner in order to leave room for the electronics in the middle, rather than particularly adverse room acoutstics, per se.

It screams, "very expensive lifestyle product here" to me.

dalethorn's picture

I see 3 cones and what looks like a dome tweeter - if that $180k isn't a mistake, it should be really interesting to hear about what's inside.