Allnic Audio A-5000 DHT monoblock power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Single-ended tubed monophonic power amplifier. Tube complement: one each CV1673, 3A/110B, 300B, 5U4G. Output power: 10Wpc into 8 ohms at 1kHz (10dBW). Input sensitivity: ca 0.6V for rated power. Input impedance: 100k ohms. Output impedance: 8 or 16 ohms (selectable). Damping factor: 4.7 at 1kHz into 8 ohms. Voltage gain: 24dB. Distortion: 0.5% at 1kHz into 8 ohms, 2.83V output. Frequency range: 20–20kHz, flat.
Dimensions: 17" (435mm) W by 9.5" (245mm) H by 12.5" (320mm) D. Weight: 44 lbs (20kg).
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 24035, 24036.
Price: $19,900/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 5.
Manufacturer: Allnic Audio, 1105 Sicox Tower 513-14, Sangdaewon-1dong, Jungwon-gu, Songnam City Kyunngi-do 462-806, Republic of South Korea. Tel: (82) 31-777-9447. Web: US distributor: Hammertone Audio, 252 Magic Drive, Kelowna, British Columbia V1V 1N2, Canada. Tel: (250) 862-9037. Web:

Allnic Audio
US distributor: Hammertone Audio
252 Magic Drive
Kelowna, British Columbia V1V 1N2, Canada
(250) 862-9037

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This is one of the best articles I have read by a Stereophile reviewer in a long time.



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Just having these amps in the house for a test run would impart a sense of joy.