Added to the Archives This Week

From 2000, Brian Damkroger checks out the seductive Oracle CD player, commenting, "I couldn't help but wonder if the Oracle's sonic performance would be as unique and spectacular as its looks."

The January 1999 Stereophile saw Kal Rubinson listening to a pair of disc spinners. First he auditions the Arcam Alpha 9 CD player and writes, "There are as yet no 24/96 CDs, and it's unlikely that there ever will be. So, what can justify the inclusion of a 24/96 DAC in a CD player?"

Next, KR reviews the California Audio Labs CL-20 DVD-V/CD player, noting, "At a price of $2495, the CL-20 sits above mass-market DVD players, but it might not be overpriced if its audio performance can justify it."

Finally, we have Rémy Fourré's digital feature from October 1993: "Jitter & the Digital Interface." RF reports, "As we shall see, jitter—or, more correctly, word-clock jitter—can be a significant limitation in the technical and sonic performance of digital audio systems."