Added to the Archives This Week

Stereophile's John Atkinson teams up with world-renowned recording engineer Tony Faulkner to create a landmark Mozart recording that has just been released simultaneously on hybrid SACD/CD, and LP. In Project K622, JA recounts the entire process, noting, "The upbeat is the most magic moment in classical music making."

JA then gets his hands on the Arcam FMJ CD33 CD player, noting, "If you look at the Compact Disc medium in the 21st century, it is hard to resist the impression that it is well commoditized." So what can Arcam possibly offer to the audiophile at this point? JA explains.

Next, we have Paul Bolin sizing up the Edge NL-12 power amplifier. As PB explains, "What's different about the NL-12 begins with its sleek, art deco-ish appearance," and ends up with alluring sound.

Finally, we have Art Dudley's review of the EAR 324 phono preamplifier. AD notes that while the 324 is a classic Tim de Paravicini design, it is also "a stereo phono preamplifier without a single tube in sight."