Added to the Archives This Week

Paul Bolin revisits planet Halcro to review the company's dm10 preamplifier. As PB notes, "After designing an amplifier that turned much of the audio world on its head, Halcro's head honcho, Bruce Candy, turned his attention to developing a preamplifier to match what he'd already wrought."

Next, Art Dudley takes a spin with the EAR 890 power amplifier and tries to conjure a tale about its sound. "The EAR 890 confounds reviewers: It's a straightforward thing, and while its design and execution are not without ingenuity, the EAR 890 lacks even such basics as hand-rolled capacitors or exotic metallurgy. Good God, this amp...has no story!"

From January 2003, David Lander conducts an interview with the legendary Jim Winey: Maggies Man. "At 3M, I happened to be working on an application that involved laminating tape to flexible magnets," says Winey. "I looked up and saw some perforated ceiling tiles, and the light bulb went on. It's as simple as that."

Finally, we have John Atkinson's "As We See It" from January 1999, Surround-Sound Music Recording. JA grapples with the idea of a multichannel audio system. "It's not just reviewers who have so far resisted the blandishments of surround-sound. Audiophiles in general associate the phrase 'high-end audio' with the concept of two-channel audio. Why should this be?"