Added to the Archives This Week

From the September 2004 issue, Larry Greenhill sets up the James Loudspeaker EMB-1200 subwoofer, remarking, "Powerful deep-bass response means more than just pure tones. Rather, it requires raw power, tactile surges of air pressure, and a mix of the senses of hearing and touch." LG reports on whether or not the EMB-1200 meets those standards.

Kalman Rubinson checks in with "Music in the Round #7," investigating the ins and outs of the Trinaural processor. KR also reveals his latest picks for worthy surround recordings.

Next, we have a Jonathan Scull interview from October 1998: Jack Renner of Telarc: Direct from Cleveland! JS picks the brain of the man behind Telarc, learning several tricks of the trade.

Finally, we have John Marks' Book Review: James Miller's Flowers in the Dustbin. JM opines, "Perhaps because Miller had already edited a rather encyclopedic history of rock and roll, he felt free to adopt a very different plan for a book that is as much social criticism as history."