Added to the Archives This Week

John Atkinson headed to the Midwest last year to record another audiophile disc. In Deep River: the Cantus Spirituals Project, JA describes the process of capturing a chorus of male voices with high-rez digital equipment. Atkinson notes, "Presented with the magnificent acoustic of Sioux Falls' 1500-seat Washington Pavilion of the Arts & Sciences, the question facing me was how to present what are still fairly intimate works while taking advantage of that supportive acoustic."

From the February 2001 issue, Michael Fremer reviews the Musical Fidelity M3 Nu-Vista integrated amplifier, writing, "The old advertising jingle 'Who put eight great tomatoes in that itty-bitty can?' bubbled through my head. How did they cram it all in there?"

Next, we have another MF (Michael Fremer that is) review, from July 2001: the Chord CPM 3300 integrated amplifier. Fremer comments, "With its high-end heart and home-theater brain, Chord's powerful CPM 3300 integrated amplifier is a uniquely fascinating audio product well worth considering."

One more integrated amp review for the road: from October 1999, Chip Stern gets his hands on the EAR V20 integrated amplifier and files his report. "While the V20 is, hands down, the tweakiest piece of equipment I've ever auditioned," says Stern, "at its core it's also as defiantly straightforward, functional, and spiritually involving a piece of audio gear as I've ever heard—one that reflects in large measure the iconoclastic vision of its designer, Tim de Paravicini."