Added to the Archives This Week

Our first of three loudspeaker reviews from the April 2004 issue finds Michael Fremer listening to the Aerial Model 20T loudspeaker. MF explains, "Loudspeaker design is an art and a science. Anyone who tells you it's only one or the other is probably building or listening to some awful-sounding speakers." Fremer ponders whether Aerial has managed to achieve that perfect balance.

Next, Larry Greenhill spends some time with the Isophon Europa II loudspeaker, which he first noticed at Stereophile's Home Entertainment 2003 show in San Francisco. LG notes, "The Isophon Europa II is a tall, slim, floorstanding loudspeaker with beveled sides. It shares its aluminum veneer with a number of other high-end floorstanders, including the Krell LAT-1 and the Piega C-8 Limited."

Robert Reina takes on the Infinity Primus 150 loudspeaker, remarking, "I've never reviewed an Infinity speaker—their most interesting designs tended to be the more expensive ones, and my journalistic juices get bubbling on the opposite end of the price spectrum. That all changed in June 2003, when Infinity announced its entry-level Primus line."

Finally, Art Dudley checks in with "Listening #16." AD interviews the unconventional English audio designer Denis Morecroft, who says, "People really do believe they need these large cables and large amps, so we've got a lot of explaining to do. It's a continuous uphill struggle...."