Added to the Archives This Week

Jack English noted in March 1994, "I lobbied ProAc designer Stuart Tyler tirelessly to take a crack at a truly full-range speaker which would preserve the strengths of the Response lineup. My wish came true in mid-1993, with the release of the monstrous ProAc Response 4 loudspeaker."

From June 1990, Sam Tellig grapples with the Spendor S100 loudspeaker, noting, that the S100s "sound somewhat old-fashioned. You know, the way big speakers used to sound—rich, smooth, sweet, not at all strident on top, laid-back rather than forward. Yet the Spendor S100s are up to date in terms of their detail—transparency, if you will." We also include John Atkinson's review from December 1991.

"The Fanfare FT-1 FM tuner represents quite an auspicious beginning," claims Steven Stone . A self-proclaimed "FM junkie," Stone explains why the Fanfare is a great value compared to the lofty competition. Larry Greenhill also adds comments.

Finally, we have Michael Fremer enthusing over the Immedia RPM-2 tonearm. MF explains, "If the sole criterion for choosing a winner in today's hotly contested premium arms race was original thinking, the Immedia RPM-2 might well come out on top."