Added to the Archives This Week

From the April 2004 issue, a must-read for all audiophiles: Keith Howard does the SACD and DVD-Audio math for "New Media Metrics." Using a vast collection of informative graphs, KH explores hi-rez attributes and puzzlers. "In the case of SACD, why provide a potential bandwidth in excess of 1.4MHz, only to fill more than 95% of it with quantization noise?"

From August 1999, Robert J. Reina listens to the NAD 218 THX power amplifier and explains that he's "been impressed with the character and the consistency of the NAD sonic signature: a tuneful and dimensional sonic presentation with a balanced palette of shortcomings that, being subtractive and euphonic, have been consonant with the musical experience."

For the next installment from the audio luminary interview archives, John Atkinson contributes Tim de Paravicini: Dialing-in the Original Experience. Atkinson notes, "Tim is a true polymath, his mind seemingly capable of running at high speed along several sets of tracks simultaneously." And as JA reveals, he's also one of audio's great designers.

Finally, we have John Atkinson's follow-up on the Benchmark DAC1 from the May 2004 issue. "The Lilliputian DAC1 sells for a mere $975. Considered on its own merits as a D/A processor, the Benchmark punched way above its weight," opines JA.