Added to the Archives This Week

John Atkinson wires up a pair of Gershman Acoustics Opera Sauvage loudspeakers, noting, "'Mellow' was the word I used to describe my first impression of the Opera Sauvage's balance, and nothing I experienced throughout my auditioning persuaded me that that impression was mistaken."

Also from the July 2004 issue, we have Keith Howard's feature on loudspeaker design, "Cutting Corners." KH muses, "If anyone ever thinks to compile a list of the 100 seminal audio papers that should be found in every tech-aware audiophile's filing cabinet, Harry Olson's 'Direct Radiator Loudspeaker Enclosures' deserves to feature in it."

Next, John Marks tackles the Shahinian Hawk loudspeaker for "The Fifth Element #24." As JM explains, "Shahinian's speaker designs have long been controversial. He attempts to actualize the theoretical ideal—of a point source propagating an expanding three-dimensional wavefront—by use of unique cabinet architecture and driver disposition."

Finally, we have George Reisch's still relevant "Undercurrents" column from four years ago: "Art, Music, Kennedy & Commerce." GR asks, "Are pop and classical two separate worlds of music, complete with different kinds of feeling, intelligence, and depth?"