Added to the Archives This Week

From the September 1992 issue, Corey Greenberg checks in with a review of the Dynaco Stereo 70 II power amplifier. According to CG, "Panor's Stereo 70 II reissue looks similar to a vintage Dyna, but contains several circuit additions claimed to improve the original design's performance."

Also from the same issue, CG writes up the Nobis Cantabile power amplifier, noting, "In addition to their $2200 Proteus preamp, Nobis has their own take on the classic Dyna Stereo 7, called the Cantabile (pronounced 'Canta-beel'), an old Wisconsin word for 'flowing with melody.'"

Next, Chip Stern reviews the VAC Avatar integrated amplifier, explaining, "For Kevin Hayes of the Valve Amplification Company (VAC), the Avatar was meant to be nothing less than his defining statement of the state of the audio designer's art."

Finally, from the May 1997 issue, audio philosopher in residence George Reisch provides a discourse on "Listening Sessions and Hyperlinks." To begin, GR says, "I'm spending too much time in the computer chair, not enough in the listening chair."