Added to the Archives This Week

Back in June of 1992, Lewis Lipnick auditioned one of the era's benchmark products, the Cello Palette Preamplifier. LL comments, "The Palette Preamplifier gives the listener a glimpse of what performers experience every day on stage: total immersion in the music."

Back in May 2000, Brian Damkroger assembled the Bright Star Audio Rack of Gibraltar 2 equipment rack and put his components on its shelves. As BD notes, "Bright Star Audio's Rack of Gibraltar equipment racks are exceptional cases whose forms truly do follow their functions."

Next, we have John Marks reviewing the recently released book Temples of Sound. JM explains that the new book "is a history of those US studios that were either the most influential in advancing the state of the art of American popular music from the late 1940s on—the 'Golden Age'—or that made the records that were the most popular. In many cases, those were one and the same studio."

Finally, we have John Atkinson's "As We See It" from March 2000: Measurements & Sound Quality. JA opens with a quote from Richard Heyser, "One of the worst-kept secrets in audio engineering is that what we hear does not always correlate with what we measure." But as JA finds, measure we must.