Added to the Archives This Week

Now that 2003 is almost a memory, it's time for The 2003 Products of the Year. Once again Stereophile's writers cast their votes on the year's audio worthies.

From the December issue, Brian Damkroger takes on the Burmester 001 CD player, insisting that "a $14,000 CD player stops me in my tracks. Just what makes it so expensive? More important, can it possibly be that good?" BD details the answer.

For his "As We See It" from December, The Angels' Share, Wes Phillips asserts, "It's only a CD-R with a self-adhesive label and computer-generated inserts, but it's what the major record labels are really scared of."

Finally, the latest installment in our "Recording of the Month" series for the online archives, Recording of December 2003: The Randy Newman Songbook Vol.1. Robert Baird pays homage to an artist he claims "has amassed one of the most melodically fruitful and slyly humorous song catalogs in pop history."