Acustik-Lab SR Bolero loudspeaker & Forte woofer System Details

Sidebar 1: System Details

The review procedure followed, with minor changes, that established for my previous loudspeaker reviews: Each pair was used with a pair of VTL 100W Compact monoblocks, connected with Monster M1 speaker cable, while the preamplifier was a combination of the Mod Squad Line Drive Deluxe AGT and Vendetta Research SCP2 phono preamp. Source components consisted of a Marantz CD-94 CD player used to drive a Sony DAS-R1 D/A converter, a 1975-vintage Revox A77 to play my own 15ips master tapes, and a Linn Sondek/Ekos/Troika setup sitting on a Sound Organisation table to play LPs. Interconnect was Audioquest LiveWire Lapis.

The speakers sat either on a pair of 24" wooden Chicago Speaker Stands, with a sheet of Sims Vibration Dynamics Navcom placed between the top-plate of each stand and the loudspeaker, or on a pair of Arcici "Rigid Riser" stands, which have a height adjustable with two grub screws between 20" and 36". The loudspeakers were carefully positioned for optimum performance, and the stands were coupled to the tile floor beneath the rug with spikes. In addition to a rigorous listening test, with no other speakers in the room, each pair of speakers was used for a period of everyday use.—John Atkinson

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