Acoustic Zen and Triode Corporation Forever

No US audio show feels complete without hearing Acoustic Zen cables, interconnects, power cords, and loudspeakers connected to Triode Corporation electronics. Acoustic Zen’s Robert Lee deserved to smile, because his set-up showed everyone’s equipment at its best. Upsampled to 192kHz, a violin CD sounded gorgeous, and the low organ pedals on Saint-Saëns’ well-known “Organ Symphony” were equally convincing. Lee’s Crescendo loudspeakers ($16,000/pair) descend down to 22Hz (–6dB), and mated superbly with Tri’s TRX-M845 monoblock amplifiers ($22,500/pair), new TRX-2 tube preamp with MM/MC ($5000), TRX-DAC 1.0 tube ($2500), and TRV CD55E tube CD player ($3200). I noted some midrange emphasis on piano, but it may have been that particular recording, because everything else sounded just right.