Red Rose Products Honored by Italian Audio Journal

Italian audio journal Fedelta' del Suono (Sound Fidelity) has honored American startup Red Rose Music with "Product of the Year" awards for the company's Model 3 preamplifier and Model 2 power amp. The award is especially noteworthy in view of the fact that the monthly publication, based in Terni, Italy, does not normally fête products from new companies.

The Red Rose 2 and 3 were designed by Victor Tiscareno. The Model 3 was previously known as the AudioPrism Mantissa, and the Model 2 is the latest incarnation of the AudioPrism Debut Mk.II, formerly a Stereophile "Recommended Component." High-end pioneer Mark Levinson acquired Redmond, Washington–based AudioPrism in 1999 and has made it the tube electronics division of his new company, Red Rose Music.

"It is a great honor for Red Rose Music to receive the Product of the Year Award from Fedelta' del Suono for our Model 3 preamplifier and Model 2 power amplifier," Levinson said in a prepared statement. "We take this as a special token of faith and appreciation for our work. This award portends great things for the future of Red Rose Music. It means a great deal to the staff who are working hard to start this new venture. At a time when the industry is moving toward mediocrity and complexity, it is wonderful for Red Rose to have Fedelta' del Suono's award for focusing on quality and simplicity."

Levinson, who founded both Mark Levinson Audio Systems and Cello, Ltd., has been working closely with Tiscareno on the development of a new tube-based integrated amplifier, the Model 5, which should begin shipping this fall. New, affordable Red Rose ribbon loudspeakers will debut at approximately the same time the Model 5 hits the market, Levinson said. Also coming soon are other high-sensitivity ribbon loudspeaker models priced above the $3000/pair Red Rose R3, a 97dB-sensitive two-way ribbon/dynamic hybrid only 17" tall.