A Zu Party

Something strange and awesome was going on in the Zu Audio room. The lights were low, an evil but alluring sound was filling the room, and the company’s Sean Casey was crouched down in a corner, surrounded by vinyl.

The turntable was a modified Technics SL-1200 with a Rega tonearm and Zu DL-103 phono cartridge running through a Bob's Devices step-up transformer. The record was Edward Ka-Spel’s O Darkness! O Darkness!. A mighty Kronzilla amplifier was driving Zu’s new Definition Mk.IV loudspeakers ($12,500/pair).

Soon Casey mixed in the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This room was less about typical hi-fi, more about sharing great music and having a good time. I half expected Natalie and Nicole to walk in and start a dance party. Casey would have welcomed it, I'm sure.