Is your main music listening room also your home-theater room?

Is your main music listening room also your home-theater room?
48% (81 votes)
42% (71 votes)
Kind of
10% (17 votes)
Total votes: 169

Sure we all have a great listening setup, or at least are working on it. But reader Charles Domingue wants to know if your main music listening room is also your home-theater room?

Dave Bennett's picture

The two rooms are completely separate. No point messing up the music room by putting a TV in it.

TonyE's picture

Den is multichannel 7.0 HT. Living room, home office, work office (headphones), and three bedrooms are all two-channnel. Car (Acura TL) is multichannel 5.1 audio.

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

Yes, it's set up for audio, but there happens to be a TV between the front set of speakers. I set up for audio and then let the home theater sound land where it lands.

Charlie be Wise's picture

One room only is dedicated to audio-video. Nice.

JCS's picture

I am fortunate enough to have separate music and HT system/rooms.

Woody Battle's picture

I do have my stereo hooked up to my TV. However, my system is strictly stereo (two-channel). My stereo system sounds better than the vast majority of multi-channel systems I have heard. Not just better for music; better for TV and movies too.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

I listen to music; not to noise. The two are not interchangable.

S.  Chapman's picture

My HT system is great for explosions, helicopters flying over, and Godzilla roaring, but for music I still prefer my separate two-channel system, with its welcoming, warm tubed sound.

Macksman's picture

The largest room (@5850 cu ft) in my home is where my main two-channel music system holds place of purpose. On an opposite wall, usually behind closed cabinets, there is a TV which has not become and is not likely to become a pop culture shrine (home theater), ever. TV can never be transcendent. Music can.

Jim Kallio's picture

I am working on creating a separate "listening" area that will involve more music and less children.

Dennis's picture

I am fortunate enough to have a dedicated sound room as well as a separate dedicated theater.

James's picture

Yes, since 1986.

Nodaker's picture

Main listening room has NO TV...that's why it's called a listening room and not a watching room. If a TV were to be snuck in there, I'd have to kill it. Just say NO to TV.

Joe Hartmann's picture

Over the last six months I have purchased a Rotel A/V receiver, DVD player, and wire to set up a 5.1 system in my listening room. The system is not connected and just this weekend I plugged in the receiver and DVD Player

Chris V.'s picture

I don't have enough large rooms to separate the two, so my HT is also my multichannel music and "stereo" system. It's expensive to limit the compromises, but I rationalize that the system gets a lot more use since it serves up music, movies, and TV. Yeah, that's it.

Yusuf's picture

I have got two windows on the rear side and my TV is in the corner.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

High-end stereo sound and a 1080 resolution front projector. Screensize 80". No surround speakers, center, or subwoofer. Separate preamplifiers for dedicated music or movies. I use balanced inputs for music, single ended for movies on my monoblocks.

Dave - Milwaukee's picture

The music/home theater system is in our rec room, which is where we spend most of our waking hours and do most of the entertaining. That system has to do everything well. Naturally, I've had to construct a second stereo-only system for when the significant other wants to watch some soap-opera type series on the (only) TV...

Louis P.'s picture

My 2two-channel rig is in the living room with no TV. Home theater, if and when I ever have enough spare cash, will go in the basement, which is much better suited to that type of activity.'s picture

Of course I don't waste my money on surround sound. If the picture and sound isn't coming from the same place, it's stupid. It distracts from the movie and you're now listening to the cheesey effects. As far as surround sound for music, why? This industry needs to grow up! It's all about sounding real.

Anonymous's picture

Sonically, the screen is not there when listening to music! (ie it's covered with sound foam)

James's picture

The music listening room seems to be a private spot for me, while the home theater is a gathering place for the entire family.

Robert Klute's picture

Unless one lives alone, it is impossible to listen to music with only a home theater system if another member of the household wants to see TV or other video, which is usually every evening. I don't see how anyone who listens to music frequently could not have a separate music listening room, irrespective of the number of channels used.

Francisco S, Brazil's picture

Yes, but I wouldn't call it Home Theater... I just add a TV to my stereo setup, in order to watch DVDs.

OvenMaster's picture

Neither the TV nor the VCR is connected to the stereo system at all. I don't have time enough to listen to music, never mind waste it watching crappy American television or formulaic movies.

djl's picture

Nope, the A/V system isn't optimized for that kind of sound reproduction. I have another system in my bedroom that does a much better job with music sources rather than soundtracks and movies. Plus the electronics are better in my bedroom system.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I don't have enough money to do both, and I've discovered that two-channel does home theater very well indeed. Well enough to really impress my girlfriend.

Mark Miller's picture

I am not a home theater fan, at least not yet, so my basic 27" 20+ year old Magnavox is in a separate room from where I listen to my music.

Aden's picture

unfortunately, my main listening room is also my home theater room, my living room, my kitchen, everything.

Glenn Bennett's picture

The TV is between the KEF floorstanders. I also hooked up a Klipsch 2.1 speaker/amp system designed for the ipod to the audio output on the TV set. I love to watch movies on DVD but I can't stand the thought of listening to them through my audio system so I use the Klipsch and it sounds really good. The sound is "tailored" so to speak for DVD movie audio. If I ever get a full blown surround system set-up then someone please come in and take me away to the funny farm! I can't stand the audio coming from behind where I sit when the picture is only in front of me.