Which audio product spent the most amount of time in your system?

Sometimes we get lucky and find a product that turns out to stay with us forever. Which audio product has spent the most amount of time in your system?

Which audio product spent the most amount of time in your system?
That would be
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Don't know
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Total votes: 113

Mauro Metallo's picture

Rogers BBC LS3/5a Loudspeaker system. Bought in August 1981 and still making great music!

tonyE's picture

Linn LP12 and Conrad-Johnson PV9. Both are still going strong after some 19 years.

Buno, Slovenia's picture

Revox A77. Phase Linear Andromeda.

Dave Bennett's picture

Michell GyroDec.

EG's picture

Transparent Audio speaker cables. Have never found any better

Joe Hartmann's picture

My Linn LP12, purchased in 1980. I t was fully updated about three years ago and I will be awaiting a review from Mr. Dudley about the new update for the LP12.

Jim Dandy's picture

That would be my 1983 AR turntable : "The New AR Turntable", fitted with w/ a Linn Basic LV X arm. I'm currently using a new Dynavextor 10X cartridge and, considering the engineering quality of the vast majority of my '60s & '70s LPs, it will be with me for quite a while longer.

Larry Johnson's picture

My Sota Sapphire Turntable is still spinning vinyl since I purchased it new in 1986.

J.S.  in D.C.'s picture

The old Crazy Eddie-bought Acousti-phase monitors lasted from 1978 (I was 18) until enlightenment finally came in the form of Joseph Audio RM25si speakers in 2003. That would be a long time for speakers a lot of people consider garbage. They rocked well in this apartment. I also had my very trusty Rotel RX-855 receiver from, oh, '83 until '04, when it was replaced with a modified Jolida 502B. The Thorens TD-318 MKII turntable purchased in '92 just got a new cartridge, so should be around for years to come. My system evolves at the pace of tectonic plate shift beneath the sea, but that doesn't mean I don't take my listening seriously.

Neil D.'s picture

That would be my ol' Nakamichi 700 tri-tracer cassete recorder. Next up, and the original Oricle Delphi (with upgrade) turntable with a Syrinx PU- 2 arm. Both still in use.

DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

Linn LP12 'table.

audio-sleuth@comcast .net's picture

Manley Mahis. The little amps that can.

Bob S.'s picture

My JVC QL-A7 turntable, that has been in my system uninterrupted since 1978.

Douglas Bowker's picture

My Well-Tempered Turntable Classic. I've upgraded the motor and few other aspects, but essentially the rig still rocks the party as good as anything that's anywhere near the price for the 20 years I've had it. No other component has lasted half that time.

Mike Agee's picture

Forever is a long time, but my Legacy Signature III speakers, now discontinued sleepers but truly extraordinary (and mysteriously neglected by the audio press), soldier on. Why replace a component that does everything well, plumbs the depths, can shake the house, does quartets and Led Zeppelin with equal aplomb, biamps beautifully with 300B SETs on top (with Spelts Zeros), and looks fine in the bargain? Other elements change, the Legacies keep up and promise still more.

djl's picture

I think it's my Theta Pro Prime DAC...I've had it for over 10 years. Bought it second hand on eBay and has been in countless system cofigurations. It still has that Theta thumping bass!

Nick Lakoumentas's picture

My Linn LP12, might not be the best sounding out there, but it is well built and shamed my previous Oracle Alexandria which fell apart after two years. Despite looking at other decks I have kept the Linn simply because it has been so reliable and timelss and can be upgraded. Long live the LP12.

AMC's picture

The Well Tempered Reference turntable. I plan to keep it forever.

Al Earz's picture

My Pioneer Elite CD recorder, just because no need to upgrade, second to that is the Rega P25 TT, but looking to upgrade soon.

Al Marcy's picture

My ears. They don't measure very well, but, they delight me.

Travis Klersy's picture

I don't know that I'd say it was lucky, but my Paradigm Studio 20/version 1 were my main speakers for 7 or 8 years. I've had my VPI HW-19 Junior for almost six years, and that'll probably be in the system for at least another year or two.

John N.'s picture

Had a set of Sennheiser HD-414s for some 33 years until one drive unit finally popped; my wife said "sure, we need new phones". Being a musician herself, HD-650s were not a tough sell at all.

Louis P.'s picture

My Linn Sondek LP12 turntable. It was purchased in 1986 and still going strong with several upadates including the Lingo. With the recently announced sub-chassis upgrade, I can't see replacing the LP12 unless I win a really big lottery.

Adam Leppert's picture

Legacy Audio Classics, 10 years and still loving them!

df's picture

My DCM TimeFrames. Coming up on 20 years. They've served me so well, it will be with mixed emotions when I phase them out for something the next level (or 2 or 3 levels) up.

OvenMaster's picture

Dual 1257 turntable. Bought new in 1980. Nothing fancy, but it's mine!

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Serpieri's picture

Audio Physic Virgo II

Mike Kowalczyk's picture

AMC 3150a. Used as an integrated amp for two years, now used as a preamp on a pair of Bryston 4Bs.

JML's picture

Magnepan Tympani IVa