What is your favorite musical instrument?

What is your favorite musical instrument?
Here it is . . .
97% (137 votes)
Don't have one.
3% (4 votes)
Total votes: 141

We all prefer the sounds of certain musical instruments over others. What's your favorite?

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Violin, oboe, cello & piano—in that order.

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It really depends on the genre of music one is listening to. For classical works I love the sound of the oboe and for jazz I dig the sound of vibes.

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Classical: piano. Jazz: saxophone. Rock: guitar.

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Concert Grand Piano

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Trumpet. The trumpeter's ability play a soft, lyrical passage or to project through an entire orchestra has always amazed me.

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This is a stupid question. You're talking music, not ice cream.

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Tenor sax, for its smooth tone and expressiveness.

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The Fender Telecaster.

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Love the cello, very closely followed by the oboe. Those rich, woody sounds!

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My newest synthesizer. At the moment, it is a Kawai K5000R. Who will that upset?

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Fluegelhorn (best performed by Kenny Wheeler)

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Saxophone. Probably the tenor version is the best, followed by alto.

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Piano, no contest

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Velodyne CT-80, an affordable subwoofer.

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Steel drum

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Guitar and tenor saxophone

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The human voice. All other instruments have the possibility of individualism, but none is as distinctive, versatile, or expressive. All instrumentalists imitate the voice—that is our standard. By the way, I am an employed professional instrumentalist.

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Cello, of course!

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When my wife and I are checking a new piece of equipment, we use the couple of excellent piano recordings we have. But for "normal" listening I like acoustic guitar.

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When I hear a n unstrument live the complex sound alway excites me. It is always more interesting than what I hear on my system