What is your 2009 Product of the Year?

<I>Stereophile</I> has released its 2009 "Products of the Year" (<A HREF="http://www.stereophile.com/features/istereophileis_products_of_2009/">added to the website last week</A>). The reviewers and editors have made their choices, so what is yours?

What is your 2009 Product of the Year?
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audio-sleuth@comcast.net's picture

Gershman Snograms. The best mid-range, under-$4000 loudspeaker, I've ever heard. Holt was right, midrange is the most important thing on a speaker.

Rowan's picture

That's simple: Naim Uniti!

Theduke's picture

The Sony XDR-F1HD tuner. Nothing in the last couple of years has renewed my interest in music like this little gem. Now I can receive noise-free reception of low-power stations that program real music, unlike the corporate-controlled stations which force on us the mass-produced mass-promoted junk which rules the airwaves. Thirties nostalgic,—I got it on WFUV. Free-form jazz—I got it on WKCR. Doo-wop—I got it on WFDU. Contemporary classical—I got it on WQXR2. Amazingly sensitive on both analog and HD stations. And it costs under $100 bucks! Bravo, Sony.

chris's picture

Seta Nano phono preamp, jointly with Channel D Pure Vinyl 3 (currently in beta) The Seta/Pure Vinyl setup is the closest thing to real "digital LP" that I have ever experienced. Considering the craftsmanship and performance level, pricing is fair, and the whole is soundly scientific and pleasantly devoid of hi-end voodoo. This will save our LPs into the digital server age. Special nomination for "Budget Audio Prouct of the Year": Mac Mini.

rpeluso's picture

Vandersteen Model 7 loudspeakers

Jim M's picture

MBL 101 Xtreme. I have heard a lot of great speakers and systems, but nothing comes close to these.

Rui's picture

Monitor Audio RX6. Big improvement over any of their previous series.

bob tervis's picture

My Jetboil makes the coolest sound when running—and I really dig the full-boil bubbling noise, too.

DG's picture

The Linn Linto. Surprised me, too. Thanks to the guys at Audio Concepts, I chose it over some other units, both more expensive and more recently-released, based on extended comparative listening here at home. Don't like that choice? Well, the Cambridge DACMagic is pretty nice too, doing good work when I use the PC to play a whole night's music when I throw parties at Casa Dick.

Ben Funk's picture

I have a Joint POY: the Simaudio i-1 integrated amp and the Sony SCD-XA5400ES CD Player. With all the great praise the Sony deck got, I'm surprised it wasn't Stereophile's Budget POY.

Pauli's picture

Dynaudio Focus 110A Active Loudspeaker. Wow! Looks great in the gloss white finish, too.

Anonimouse's picture

NAD's Masters Series M2 Direct Digital Amplifier because it's not just another hi-fi amplifier with a built-in DAC, but a true digital amplifier from input to output. And it also sounds very good.

Max's picture

Verity Leonore!

Jim Tavegia's picture

Wilson MAXX 3s. If there is something that gets Mickey to lay down serious green, that has to be it. On the low end, it probably would be the Cambridge DACMagic. Affordable and a great performer.

Nodaker's picture

I like my Cambridge Audio DACMagic well enough. I'm sure I could do better but not at that price. One day I'll match a DAC to the rest of my Bel Canto gear . . . C'mon BC, put out the DAC 4 so I can buy the DAC 3 cheaper!

JKstraw79's picture

Stick with the DAC you bought or go with the Benchmark or as I am enjoying, the transporter as my experience with the Bel Canto was not so impressive and mine went to Audiogone. Im still in search of the holy grail as far as a DAC to run my computer system. Right now I have slim device's transporter and am pretty happy with the sound together with a JC2, JC1's and maggies 1.6 QR's and a pair of B&W monitors I use at times in the office. But I think you should drag your DACMagic with you on auditions to see how much youll get out of the new DAC.

Juan Hitters's picture

Cambridge Audio DACMagic

Dave's picture

Revel Salon2

Hew's picture

iPod. Now we have six, all playing lossless. In each car, each person gets one plus in the living room replacing CDs. The kids are listening to LPs I ripped any time they want.

darius's picture

Sony XA5400ES

xanthia01@gmail.com's picture

Martin Logan CLX

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Canton Reference 1.2 DC

E.  Geers's picture

Cambridge DACMagic.

Dismord's picture

Usher BE10 speakers. The first dynamic three-way to seriously challenge electrostatics. And coming in a close second, Meridian's 808.2 CD player— probably about as good as Red Book CD will ever get.

Robin Heisey's picture

I have two: The Grace m902 and the Benchmark DAC Pre HDR. They both recognize where listening behaviour is going, and both are from high-end professional companies. Both have remotes, lots of digital inputs (including USB), and an analog in. The Grace gives you sample-rate display and visual bling, the Benchmark gives you both balanced and unbalanced outs. It's a tie.

Ryan Ralph's picture

Emotiva XPA-1

Al Earz's picture

The Ayre MP upgrade. For about $250, it takes an existing component to an entirely new level. The bargain of the century in dollar-for-dollar investment.

Chuck's picture

Luxman SQ38u integrated amp. Addicting sound both through speakers and through headphones.

Eric Shook - Pittsboro, NC's picture

Stereophile is my choice for product of the year.

Bob D's picture

The Beatles mono box-set.