What has been your favorite of all the components you've ever owned? Why?

Some components simply endear themselves to audiophiles

What has been your favorite of all the components you've ever owned? Why?
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Warren Rubin, Plano, TX's picture

Magnaplanar MG-1.6 speakers. They present such a wonderful real-world soundfield presentation, crisp rise time, and extraordinary definition, all at a very affordable price. The best kept secret and best buy in audio today.

Colin's picture

My Vandersteen 2Ce Signature speakers. They have sound that is hard to argue with and they "one-up" all my other components, meaning that it will be a long time before my other components exceed the sound quality of these puppies and a long time before I need to replace them with something better.

Al Earz's picture

I guess the one that I can say brought my system to life was and still is my McIntosh MC352 amp. I realize there are other amps that sound better but it brought my old speakers to life and made me appreciate the sound they were capable of.

Bubba in SF's picture

Bob Carver's Sunfire amp. I still have it running a pair of Magnepan 3.3s with a REL sub. I thought about about replacing the system with some smaller B&W speakers, but then I play something on this current setup and realize it just doesn't get any better than this.

audio-sleuth's picture

Rogers LS3/5As. If there is a product that gives more pleasure per dollar, I haven't found it. What they lack, I don't need.

Dave Bennett's picture

Michell GyroDec. Simply great sound, great music. Stunning looks is just a bonus.

Rene, ABQ's picture

Rega Planet (original). If there is a CD player that deserves "classic" status, it is the first Planet CDP. I have been trying for seven years to find a more musical CD player. It was replaced twice by more expensive CDPs—for a while, but I went back to the Planet each time after four months.

Gregg Fedchak's picture

A Stax Classic System II electrostatic headphone system. Now, all loudspeakers fail to please.

WalkerTM's picture

My Amps, the are older they are power hungry! But ooh! How musical they sound.

Stephen Curling's picture

My Infinity SSW-212 subwoofer. It's still in my system (and in use) and still impresses me. I enjoy the authority it provides in both music and movies.

Bob O'Halloran in VA's picture

I owned a Luxman receiver and it was wonderful. I don't remember the model number, but it was beautiful and really sounded nice.

Roy E.'s picture

BAT VK-3i preamp. It added a sense of nuance and continuity that turned my disparate grouping of components into a "system." Still in active use.

Michael's picture

It's a toss-up between my MartinLogan SL3s and my VPI Scout. Both changed the sound for the better. All of the other components, albeit very good, didn't drop my jaw like these two.

Mark Gdovin's picture

Might be your picture influenced me, but I have to say that my "factory custom" Martin-Logan Aerius speakers just continue to amaze me now coming on fifteen years out. Second choice? The INCREDIBLE B&O MMC-20CL cartridge from the late seventies. Clearly fantastic from a construction standpoint, most amazing from a sonic perspective. Will give ANY modern cartridge a really big run for its money. As it has NO "rubber" elastomers, virtually no way to fail but for stylus wear, it continues to perform "as new" coming on three decades later. Honorable mention? My still favorite "red book" CD player, the inestimable Conrad-Johnson "Sonographe" CD-22. As Corey once said, "Captures the warm romance of tubes in spades". Oh, I guess I forgot. My now "lightning killed" H/K Citation 18 tuner. If not the best ever, one of the best.

Anonymous's picture

The Tact RCS 2.0S roomcorrection pre-amp with DSP's. Listening without roomcorrection is no option anymore as soon as you've heard it.

Al Marcy's picture

Heathkit crystal radio. I built it from a kit my Pa gave me. Antenna wire out my upstairs bedroom window and an earplug. Audio heaven.

Rich-Chicago's picture

Accuphase C-200 pre and a P-300 power amp. Side note: Many of last week's responses to the multichannel question reminded me of how snobbish this hobby can be—lighten up people, it's supposed to be fun!

macksman's picture

The Air Tight ATC-2 line stage gave my system a much more organic voice than it ever had before those tubes took their critical place in the signal path. Then the addition of the Wilson-Benesch Act Ones gave clarity to that voice. Those two components tie for all-time faves.

Joe Hartmann's picture

There are two, but since my Thiel CS2 was replaced after a 17 year run last summer it would have to be my Linn LP 12. I have owned this table for over 25 years. It has been fully upgraded over the years and thanks to a great dealer I still listen to LP's about 70% of the time. I have and still own three digital systems during this time, but my LP collection keeps me coming back

Dick Stevens's picture

Onkyo T9090 FM tuner, I bought it new 20 years ago, it hasn't skipped a beat. Other tuners may sound better, none can outperform the front end.

David Schwartz's picture

Apogee Duetta Signatures. They sound great and look cool to boot!

Mike Parenteau's picture

Bryston 3BSST power amplifier. It replaced a pair of LK140 Linn power amps with a pristine, clean, transparent and robust power delivery that I'm really enjoying. I feel as though I could upgrade every other component in my system and still the 3BSST would not be considered the weak link. I'm thinking of getting another Bryston to biamp.

Tilmann Mahkorn's picture

McIntosh MC 2000 Millennium tube amp. As good as it gets, in any respect!

Travis Klersy's picture

Dynaudio Audience 52 Special Edition speakers. They are not the best speakers I've ever heard, but they beat the tar out of many speakers in the $3k price range, where I was initially shopping. Spending less and getting more is a great feeling.

James M.  Herr's picture

The Hafler 945 preamp/tuner has given reliable performance in every way for 13 years. I cannot ask more.

Mike Agee's picture

My Legacy Signature III speakers. They rescued my belief that I could find a truly satisfying audio system. Since then, as my knowledge has increased, I discovered that they were a couple steps ahead of me, allowing me to experiment with a variety of amplification while always being both transparent and flattering to the upstream components.

Adam Leppert's picture

Legacy Audio Classic. I bought them in '97 and have loved them every moment since!

Neil D.'s picture

Off the top of my head, I would say my ol' Nakamichi 700. Purchased used in about 1977, it contiunes to serve a role in my "back-up" system. Love that gleaming 10 lb. silver face plate,the soft touch solinoid controls and the great performance, though it is time for a tune-up. And someday, it will make a great boat anchor.

T.O.  Driskel's picture

For the second time around my used but still awesome Thorens TD-115 table with TP-70 tone arm. Why, just because it sounds like a table is supposed to sound!

Louis P.'s picture

My Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, which will be celebrating its 20th birthday next year. Its purchased marked the end of my mid-fi years, and I first used it when I still had a fancy receiver. The Linn has outlasted numerous digital front ends, and easily bested both SACD players that I've owned. Now equipped with a Roksan Tabiz arm and Lyra Arge cartridge, the level of reproduction of the best LPs is at a level I never imagined my system being capable of when I started out. Analog forever.