What do you think is the worst pop song of all time?

What do you think is the worst pop song of all time?
We have a winner!
53% (96 votes)
How can I pick just one?
47% (85 votes)
Total votes: 181

This week: more likes and dislikes. Tell us the name of the worst pop song of all time.

Steve Williams's picture

There have been a LOT of really bad pop songs. But many more good ones thankfully.

Christopher's picture

Songs sung by boy bands.

Grosse Fatigue's picture

I can't pick just one. I can't stand rap music in general.

Rob's picture

Anything by Neil Sedaka or Madonna . . . Sedaka cause he epitomizes the essence of silly, sentimental bubble gum music . . . and Madonna cause she's not a singer but a showgirl who's taken us for a ride.

Anonymous's picture

White Christmas by Bing Crosby

John Schmidt's picture

Having My Baby Sung by Paul Anka and Odia Coates. Ugh!

Mike Healey's picture

70s: "You Light Up My Life" (led to an increase in suicide attempts). 80s: "That's What Friends Are For" (gratuitous ego masturbation). 90s: "I Believe I Can Fly" (another stinker from the whiny nineties).

D.  Miceli's picture

It's My Party by Leslie Gore - Hands down!

DE's picture

Because I am an (apparently) deranged lover of bagpipes, I can't settle on one, but my top choices are (i) that song with the chorus that begins "Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got love in my tummy...", and (ii) any rap song. If society is getting increasingly coarse, violent, ugly and self-centered, rap is the perfect symbol and should be banned, or at least played exclusively on bagpipes. "Kites Are Fun" might be third on the list.

James Garvin's picture

Seasons in the Sun, "American Pie," and the worst is "God is Watching You" by Bette Midler

Ken Kirkpatrick's picture

Puppy Love.

J.S.  Bach's picture

Afternoon Delight Feelings You Light up My Life All Songs by Air Supply

Gary Smith's picture

ANY Connie Francis-performed song!

Frank Holderfield, Mobile AL's picture

The worst pop song for me was "Feelings." If I ever hear that on the radio I become extemely nauseous and irritable.

MJ's picture

Whitney Houston's "I'll Always Love You" is a truly dreadful exercising of Ms. Houston's lusty pipes--the apotheosis of the "Star Search" musical aesthetic and, for me, pure torture to have to listen to over the intercom in the Supermarket.

MB (since y'all dig initials)'s picture

There are so many terrible songs. Anything by Vanilla Ice or Milli Vanilli would have to be in the running

Yardstick's picture

Still Waiting For My Subscription Blues by Stereophile

Dan Petri's picture

I think I Love You I think this was a Partridge Family song.

W.O.'s picture

Not sure whats its called (thank God), but it would have to be that one by Share that they played and played and played and play... on the radio non-stop. You know the one; makes you want to jump out of a moving car on the highway!!!

Steve's picture

Anything by the Back Street Boys.

Mangoman's picture

Close to you (and anything else ever done by the Carpenters.)

Anonymous's picture

Let me count the ways... Please forgive me, as I am a youngen, but pretty much anything popular from my generation is horrible. But the all time loser has to be Aqua - Barbie Girl

Grounds-keeper Willie's picture

Two songs that will have lunging for the on/off switch on my tuner are "American Pie" by Don McLean and "Hotel California" by the Eagles. I'd rather be surrounded by a pack of crazed bag-pipers than hear either of those two songs.

Woody Battle's picture

You Light Up My Life didn't start out too bad, but after the twenty billionth time I heard it on the radio I never wanted to hear it again. More than twenty years after its initial release, this song can still make me scream in agony whenever I'm forced to listen to it.

John Atkinson's picture

Crimson & Clover -- by a wide margin, over and over, and over and over.

Ed S.'s picture

Seasons in the Sun

Pablo P.'s picture

Tony Orlando's Yellow Ribbon song

Thom Taylor's picture

One More Night - Phil Collins, I Believe - Tears For Fears, Anything by Bruce Springsteen.

Hillary Langtry's picture

Honey---Bobby Goldsboro

Tim BRandt's picture

Saturday Night---Bay City Rollers