What chair/couch/other (make & model) is great for listening?

What chair/couch/other (make & model) is great for listening?
My chair is
54% (58 votes)
My couch is
32% (35 votes)
I use a
12% (13 votes)
No comment
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 108

Reader dBruce wants to know where do you sit, lie, or hang when listening? What chair/couch (make & model) is great for listening?

Natal's picture

I listen from my bed.

David Aiken's picture

A copy of the 1927 Le Corbusier/Jeannete Perriand chaisse longue. It's a superbly comfortable reclining seat which I put at its most upright position—still around a 45-degree recline.

Jared Gerlach's picture

Formerly, the timeless IKEA Poang chair ($100 US) was tops for listening. Unfortunately, I moved overseas to a furnished apartment with crappy chairs apparently designed for children. Most of my listening now is done in one of these chairs. And, I must say, it borders on torture.

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Custom designed.

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Ethan Allen Reclining Morris Chair. The chair is leather with wide wood arms. It is the perfect chair for the listening room.

tom collins's picture

A leather low-boy with ottoman about 8' from the speakers.

Dennis's picture

Barco Lounger in soft Itallian black leather. You can't beat it for comfort. Not the most expensive component in my system—but not the least expensive either; one of the most important, though.

Nodaker's picture

A recliner. Always has been always will be. They are the easiest to fall asleep on. Nothing like going to sleep in front of the tunes.

audio-sleuth@comcast.net's picture

I start on a big soft couch, non-leather. Leather's too noisy. If air-instruments are being played, furniture can be hurt and/or stood on.

Johannes Turunen, Sweden's picture

Most important soundwise, me thinks, is that the back is low (like my sofa) and ends below shoulders.

Louis P.'s picture

A wing chair that I inherited from my grandfather. My ears would be too high if I sit up straight, so I have to slouch during critical listening time.

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I sit in front of my computer in a comfy chair when working 10-12 hours a day in my home office. My seat is in the sweet spot of my system—which, incidentally, does not run off my computer, so I can listen whenever I am working.

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I have a sofa arranged so my ears are 8-9' from each speaker, in a pretty relaxed position that puts me below the tweeters. The sound is fine, but I noticed while getting up and down that there was a kind of sonically supercharged location a little higher and a lot closer to the speakers. It's unconventional, probably against the official audiophile code, and according to the radiation patterns of the various drivers it shouldn't work, but if I occasionally want a full dose of intense sound, I grab an upright chair and bask in the glory.

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I can't remember seeing recommendations on listening chairs in any audio publication. We have more than enough snake oil available in the form of interconnects and speaker cables. If Stereophile starts reviewing furniture, I will probably cancel my subscription.

Gerry G.'s picture

Comfy Jennifer's Leathers sofa. Very comfortable and there's nothing near my ears (blocking reflections or otherwise impacting my perception of the sound).

Greg Simmons's picture

An Eames Leather Chair and Ottoman made by Herman Miller.

Dan T's picture

A no-name made in China, great thcough.

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I even put a good reading lamp next to my couch, right in the sweet spot between my speakers. There is no bad way to enjoy music.

ted's picture

My chair is where the sweet spot is, but my couch is so much cozier.

Jamie's picture

Floor. I like to sit or lay on the floor and read liner notes or album covers.

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A fold-up Northpole camping chair—no joke. I find its effect of "suspension" more comforting than any cushion, no matter what the price. Besides, spending my money on music, and equipment to convey that music, is much more important

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A fantastic leather recliner that sits smack-dab in the sweet spot, and it's just a short reach to the table for a sip of Beefeater and tonic, a snack, or the laptop.

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I use my bed since my "audiophile" system is located there. I often fall asleep listening to tunes!

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Huh? That's an odd question. Well, my main listening seat is my faux leather poofy couch. Sorry, no make or model number available—but it is comfy!

Clifton's picture

...dead center between the two speakers. About 10' away from the center line. The table to my left is elbow-restin' high, allowin' for a minimum of head movement as I feed the pipes with whatever beer, gin, or scotch has been randomly or purposively selected to enhance the evening's listening. The chair is an adjustable office-type. Is the tweeter axis ear-high? I have no idea. If it isn't, and I sense a meaningful difference that can be made up, my right hand goes to the magic lever underneath the seat. Ahhhhhhh. That's the ticket!

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Three-seat Italian "soft" tanned leather imported sofa, which reflects the sound of two mighty original Mirage M1 biopolar speakers

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A bright orange monstrosity, but very, very comfy.

G.C.  Van Winkle's picture

It is an Ethan Allen arm chair that my now ex-wife picked out in 1992. Very firm cushioning, combined with virtually perfect height and width force a very upright yet comfortable posture. Puts the ears at tweeter level and my eyes at mid-height of the HD monitor. Chair is positioned 1/3 of the room's length away from the rear wall with the speakers located 1/3 room length from the front wall. Comfortable nubby cotton fabric cover seems to be sonically transparent—not sure if I could purchase a better listening chair even if I tried again with that goal in mind. Weirdly, I never even sat in this chair when we were married—it was always the "guest" chair.

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Natuzzi / Klause.