What audio format did you spend the most money on in the last few months? Why?

What audio format did you spend the most money on in the last few months? Why?
33% (55 votes)
45% (76 votes)
8% (13 votes)
1% (2 votes)
4% (7 votes)
Live Music (okay not really a format)
3% (5 votes)
4% (6 votes)
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 168

CD sales are clearly in a slump, SACD and DVD-A are down for the count, a few downloads are just starting to sound decent (Linn for example), and the LP keeps chugging along. What audio format did you spend the most money on in the last few months? Why?

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Aside from enjoying the vinyl format, and the new and old offerings from its leaders, it is always a delight to show support and appreciation to Chad Kassim and his great crew in person at the audio shows I am able to attend.

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I continue to buy a lot of new and used CDs and LPs. Most of the SACDs I want I have and I refuse to download at this point.

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I finally have a great sounding CD rig (Musical Fidelity kW, Tara Labs Interconnect and Shunyata power cable), so listening is pure bliss and there is nothing between me and the music. I've finally learned that it is the music, once you have achieved the absolute sound (player).

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The sudden death of my apple G4 tower forced me into the purchase of a G5pro with iTunes, this led me to finally start the vast task of copying my CD collection onto my mac, this led me to purchase a Sonos system, which now distributes various musics throughout my home and office. However, I still love selecting a CD and playing it on my Krell DVD Standard and I have just ordered my analog turntable. So I will be delving into all those dusty boxes in my garage looking for "the LP" from the past.

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I primarily buy regular CDs. I can't see spending the money on downloads when they don't sound as good even though higher bitrates are now available. The main reason is because there are very few choices available in the genre of music I prefer for download anyways so I "roll my own" MP3 files from my own CDs and LPs then I play them in my MP3 player in the car. While I'm working in my home office, I use "jukebox" software to play music while I work and MP3s make excellent choices for lots of music on a hard drive. I seldom hear the same song twice in any given day.

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MP3. I am converting all my legacy formats (LP, tape, CD) into MP3s.

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A needle in the grooves beats a laser in the pits every day of the week.

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CD for me, please! Audio quality is good enough for my ears and my equipment budget. Almost any music worth having can be had on CD. It's portable, it's copyable, it's durable. What more do you want? Bandwidth? I can't even hear to 13kHz, let alone 40.

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My area still has a couple of used "record" stores. Used CDs are cheap ($7-9) so that's been the medium of choice lately. These stores seem to be getting quieter, though, so their demise may be eminent.

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I spent the most money on CD, chiefly because that is the most available foramt. I would buy SACD in preference, but only a few labels produce them. Vinyl is much favored, but alas expensive if new.

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I upgraded to a Linn LP12. Sold a Rega P25 that I had tweaked to death but still wanted more. Whew! I should have done this sooner.

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Vinyl just sounds better than everything else, no matter the cost or the equipment.

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CD: It is still the de facto standard and it offers far better sound quality than downloads for around the same money.

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Dont buy any vinil for the past 10 years

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I only wanted a single track from an album/artist or in a few cases I couldn't find the CD, so I had to download it (legally). I'd rather buy CDs than download they sound better.

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SACD may never reach a wide market but it will likely stay around to serve the small audiophile community. I will continue to purchase them for their palpable, satisfying sound.

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The sound! I've been telling my friends how vinyl eclipses a CD. No one believed until they listened to a blind-test comparison. So far six have taken the test; six have chosen vinyl.

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Has been this way for quite some time—either used or new, vinyl is always my first choice...

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I bought a new Classe CDP-202 CD player. That induced me into a round of CD buying (~50 discs in the last two months). The player also works with DVD-Audio discs but there is almost nothing available in that format.

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Renewed my season tickets for the Virginia Symphony (10 performances) and Pops (6 performances). With respect to audio media, I only buy CDs. I am 68, I don't want to start all over again, and I am committed to two-channel stereo.

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I am still using my Meridian 508.24, so I continue to buy only CDs. I have a lot of albums in storage and will probably never switch back to vinly. The cost of a really good turntable, cartridge, stylus and tonearm is extraordinary and prohibitive. Besides, audiophile quality albums are more than twice the price of CDs. I wouldn't want to be playing one of my old scratched and noisy LPs on a $15,000 turntable!

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Nothing sounds better than vinyl to my ears.

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It is the best sounding format for my system as presently configured

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Don't have a hi-rez player, no time to go thrifting for old vinyl, don't own a decent MP3 player or iPod—that leaves CD.

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easy to use, not the equal of vinyl but more practical. Next step is a turntable

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CD, but I usually wait for stuff to show up used.

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Nothing has the warmth of vinyl. I appreciate an artist mistake that is not corrected by some digital whatever.

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CD, because it still sounds the best to my ears.

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For better or for worse, I've been committed to CD for 20 years.

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Vinyl gets 50% of my money, 30% for SACD and 20% for CDs.