What are you most interested in seeing in our live online CES 2007 coverage?

What are you most interested in seeing in our live online CES 2007 coverage?
Here is what I want to see
72% (34 votes)
Don't care
28% (13 votes)
Total votes: 47

The Consumer Electronics Show is the most significant high-end audio industry event each year, attended by manufacturers, distributors, and retailers from all over the world. What are you most interested in seeing in our live online CES 2007 coverage?

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A conspectus of what is new, mostly in two-channel gear. Some innovations in video are of interest—DVD is a very good way of seeing opera, as well as hearing it in acceptable qulaity sound. Show reports that cover new products, new models, and so on are always of interest.

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What the end of the home audio industry looks like.

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I want to see info about audio and video, not ringtones and etc. Where is the Thiel CS3.7? How can you hear new phono cartridges, will Linn upgrade the LP12 or the arm.

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Integrated amplifiers (any price), $1000–5000 speakers, turntables (hey Mickey, report it all).

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A complete list of equipment for each room.

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Anything in support of the phonograph.

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New pre/pros, new amp— mono, two-channel—and multichannel—anything that indicates that BluRay will have music format available.

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High-end hard-drive–based music players and high-end iPod compatible accessories.

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As the old saying goes...a picture is worth a thousand words! Please have lots of pictures of overall room setups, closeups of setups and equipment with commentary on picture content.

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There are some bizarre German and Italian loudspeakers I would really like you to cover. Not the mainstream ones, like my Sonus Fabers. Did I say mainstream? Uh, oh...

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From the Department of Snarky Schadenfreude: A sidebar on the most deranged, comically malfunctional, downright unnecessary and/or giddily over-priced products at CES. (May we assume most wouldn't be from the high-end portion of the show?)

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I want to see first impressions on audiophile quality streaming digital equipment. This is where the industry is headed and Stereophile should be leading the pack reviewing this stuff....

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Talon speakers, new products.

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You do a good job about audio for sale and some of the offshoots. but you really ought to occasionally adress the "informed DIY" and modified-/vintage, PP-/tubes crowds. Some of them are blending PP triodes tubes in the midband and SS into Tannoys / JBL pro stuff with DEQ! from Sydney. but do go and join in, at shows lik RMF, and visit peoples' systems. I would agree with Richard Diamond in your last vote on listening skills: mine makes use of an Aphex aural exciter quite audible, abut it does a good job at classical, I kinda find Mahler a bit too broody, but mates tend to want to listen to EMI opera like Verdi—one guy brings Mahler, and he designed 'em. late 1970's and 'good sounding' metallised film caps? No LP? Air coils? I'm an ex-chorister, see, once of the RSCM, tell JA. like Hogwood and others, but dahn under see! Oh yeah and, don't mention the cricket, willya!? Nudge nudge! 8inch 2-way, 23 litre spheres with 1970's Japanese drivers!

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HDMI 1.3.

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Your RMAF coverage should serve as a model - an emphasis on how music sounds, new equipment, and lots of photos.

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New products.

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High-end stereo systems and components. (Don't care about home cinema, tv, mp3, etc.)

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The best sound at the best price. $25,000 amps are of no interest.

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More high end audio, less iPod stuff.

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I like to see coverage of small manufacturers of high-quality and interesting equipment who might not otherwise qualify for review in Stereophile. I am into tube amplification, SET in particular, so tube goods and SET friendly speakers are of specific interest to me.

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What I want to see, literally, are images of high-enough resolution and detail so as to be useful rather than just novel, whatever the venues you choose to cover. Good luck! I think this will prove to be a formidable challenge to overcome.

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Lots of pictures in high resolution.

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Mostly hi-fi stereo gear.

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In your show and Equipment Reports, more gear that the more common man can afford. I had more money when younger, but things have changed. I've gonr from very good equipment to pretty good. I intend to return but there are lots of people with limited income with good tastes and ears.

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Coverage of new high-end A/V processors with Dolby True HD and DTS Master audio onboard.

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Krell's new products