What are some other fun audio websites?

What are some other fun audio websites?
Here's one or two
91% (321 votes)
Can't think of one
9% (33 votes)
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The internets have brought audiophiles a wealth of information never before available. Sure you are reading Stereophile.com right now, but what are some other fun audio websites?

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I can think of www.tnt-audio.com/int.html , 6moons.com , and as forums: audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?s=d518b57feb688db770f64b7acaac9154& www.head-fi.org/forums/ www.audiocircle.com/circles/index.php?action=circles

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Ebay is now the world's largest retailer and that means for HiFi too - whether we like it or not. Huge implications for bricks and mortar retailers as well as consumers. (Free market rules apply relentlessly!)

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Off the top of my head, elusivedisc.com, acousticsounds.com, amusicdirect.com, audiophileusa.com, classicrecs.com, themusic.com, and trackingangle.com (thanks, Mikey) come to mind.

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The Audio Asylum: www.audioasylum.com

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audiokarma.org, www.audiogon.com

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www.6moons.com, www.stereotimes.com. It's all good fun.

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www.fairaudio.com—great German HiFi website. www.digital-highend.com—German special website concerning new audio technologies for consumer.

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www.insound.com Convert your LPs to MP3! Wowzer.

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This place is a lot of fun - lively discussions, good reviews, and some helpful ideas. (Some lunacy, too, but, it's the internet!) http://www.audioasylum.com/index.html

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headfi.com, audiogon.com.

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positive-feedback.com and 6moons.com

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6moons.com, sonicflare.com, positive-feedback.com

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Audio-Karma & Head-Fi.Still the blind leading the blind, but more positive and fun, than that other (AA)site, where it's the stupid leading the confused.

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www.avsforum.com -- TONS of users and info www.polkaudio.com -- great community forums.

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sound.westhost.com/ A wealth of information relating to audio.

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