Wavelength & Vaughn

Wavelength Audio and Vaughn Loudspeakers teamed up for a sound that may have lacked the bass impact and scale of other systems I heard at RMAF, but that was coherent, relaxed, and very easy to enjoy.

A MacBook Pro sent signals to the USB input of the Wavelength Crimson HS DAC via AudioQuest’s Diamond USB cable; the DAC fed Wavelength’s Royal preamplifier via AudioQuest Niagara interconnects; from the Royal, the signal went to Wavelength’s Cardinal 300B monoblock, and then to Vaughn’s attractive Cabernet II 100dB loudspeakers ($9000/pair) via AudioQuest Redwood speaker cable.

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........plants. Okay honestly I might like the speakers but the poor photo reveals little. Do all 8 cone drivers operate over the same frequencies or do they split up from mid bass on up to the ribbons? Is that one ribbon or two stacked?  Oh never mind you don't know.

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The Cabernet II actually uses 16 4" Fostex EN drivers—eight on the front and eight on the back—to handle the midrange; a 5" ribbon tweeter; and two side-mounted 12" passive radiators.

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Johnny on the swing, you are one frustrated dude. When's the last time you got an oil change?