VPI Open House in New Jersey Saturday

Saturday, November 14, 1–6pm: VPI Industries (10 Riverside Lane, Holmdel) will host an Open House/Listening Party. Guests will be able to enjoy four rooms, each furnished with a system that has been carefully optimized for the specific listening environment. The event will highlight two new pieces of electronics: the Luminous Audio Arion Phonostage (above) and the Fern & Roby Integrated Amplifier, both engineered by Mike Bettinger of Bettinger Audio. Manufacturer representatives from all three companies will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate the products.

Other featured gear will include Alta Audio Rhea, JBL Everest, Joseph Audio Pearl, and KEF Blade loudspeakers; amplification from ModWright and Rogers High Fidelity; VPI Avenger, Classic, Prime, and Scout turntables; phono cartridges from Lyra, SoundSmith, and Ortofon; headphones from AudioQuest, KEF, and Master & Dynamic; and cables from AudioQuest, Luminous Audio, and Nordost.

Light refreshments will be served. Space is limited. For more info, click here and RSVP to www.facebook.com/events/511581452338389/ or call (732) 583-6895.