Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl

AnalogPlanet’s Mikey Fremer has already mentioned that vinyl was HUGE at T.H.E. Show Newport. And, for once, he’s not exaggerating: There was by far more vinyl at T.H.E. Show Newport than at any other hi-fi show I’ve attended.

In addition to the usual suspects (Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct, Reference Recordings, Elusive Disc, etc.), there were several independent shops on hand, including Beta Records, Copas Records, Rockaway Records, Sola Records, John Tefteller’s World’s Greatest Records, and the mighty Amoeba.

Every hi-fi show should attract this many records dealers. It only makes sense.

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Who would have ever imagined Vinyl would come back to Hifi with such a vengeance?...

Well, besides all of us!

Happy Listener, Happy Listening!

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And all ye that sell it.