Vinyl Sale Benefit for Friends of Palo Alto Library

The Palo Alto Main Library

Saturday, February 11, 11am–4pm: Audio High (165 Moffett Boulevard, Mountain View, CA) will host a vinyl sale to benefit the Friends of Palo Alto Library. Hundreds of vinyl LPs ranging from rock to jazz to classical to “just plain weird” will be available, with prices starting at $2.00. An original pressing of Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue will be offered.

Since 1938, the Friends of Palo Alto Library have supported Palo Alto’s libraries through advocacy, volunteerism, contributions, and books sales and have raised over a million dollars to improve Palo Alto Libraries. For more info, e-mail, call (650) 964-4000, or visit websites for Audio High or Friends of Palo Alto Library.

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I have been helping a friend who is in charge of donating a smaller vinyl collection to a non-profit, as stipulated in the will of the man who left her in charge. She has found a music school locally that may take them. An alternative that I've proposed is the Oakland Museum's annual White Elephant Sale. I would think that, unless your little comment above gets you a buyer, that you could find a similar non-profit that would accept the albums and give you a tax deduction in return. I would also imagine that, if you do contact Chad, that you could work out a way to receive a portion of whatever he sells the LPs for.

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As someone who works in the non-profit world you could find a university and make a gift in kind donation.  Someone would have to appraise them but you could find a favorite school/college/university foundation office and suggest it.