Video: Twin Sister’s “Kimmi in a Rice Field”

Twin Sister meets Twin Peaks in the video for “Kimmi in a Rice Field,” from the band’s charming, soulful, and often lovely debut full-length, In Heaven. Like a real dream, the video, directed by Bryan Ujueta and Dan Devine and starring vocalist Andrea Estella, is sort of beautiful, sort of creepy, and sort of ridiculous.

Twin Sister celebrates the release of In Heaven with an early show (7:30pm) tomorrow night at the Mercury Lounge. The band held a captivating and intimate in-store performance at Other Music on Monday night. I was impressed by their skill and their sound—they were incredibly tight and focused, while working with dynamics and textures to create a powerful, beautiful whole.

They’re easy on the eyes, too.

Every time I see and hear them, my admiration only grows. In Heaven is available now from Domino Records.