Verity Audio Finn

Look at this thing. It’s a Verity Audio Finn in seductive Norwegian Birch. Don’t you want to just squeeze it? Don’t you want to just bring it home with you?

I first heard the adorable little Finn at Montreal’s Salon Son & Image. Paired up with an Audio Research VSi60 integrated amplifier and CD8 disc player, the Finns produced some of the most exciting, detailed, and musical sounds I heard in Montreal (other than that divine music of high heels tapping and tinkling against marble floors).

A few weeks back, during Verity Audio Night at In Living Stereo, I had a chance to hear the Finns again. This time, they were dressed up in Verity’s standard African Cherry with a satin polyester finish, which I greatly prefer over the high-gloss black. Or high-gloss anything, really. I guess I’m just a woodsy type of guy. Anyway, the speakers looked awesome, and, though Verity’s John Quick insisted that the drivers were dead cold, the sound was still very engaging. They may have lacked some of that reach-out-and-grab-you bass that I heard in Montreal, but I was nonetheless moved by the speaker’s fast and detailed high frequencies. I assume the bass would flesh out a bit more after some playing time.

The rear-ported Finn uses custom drivers, including a rear-firing woofer. Its modest height of 39.5" makes it relatively room-friendly, while its specified 91dB efficiency and 8 ohm nominal impedance means it should be relatively amp-friendly. In fact, the Finn may be all-around friendly.

The Verity Audio Finn costs $5995/pair in African Cherry, Sycamore, or white; high-gloss versions cost more. You can become a virtual fan of Verity Audio at Facebook, or, if you’re alive and in the New York City area, contact In Living Stereo and ask about an audition.

Nick's picture

Stephen must concur, heard them as well at the Mtl Audio Show and still think of them and that beautiful CD8 they were paired with. I think best sound at the show. Can't wait to hear them again.

Tom Collins's picture

Stephen:Thay look like the perfect speaker for an apartment dweller like yourself. I have always been interested in Verity after reading the reviews in s-phile. Sadly, the nearest dealer is hundreds of miles away. Anyway, let us all know when you take delivery of your set.

william willes's picture

I have no doubt that this is a great sounding speaker but for $5995 a pair they should sound fantastic ! If you have ever built a DIY speaker you realize that a 3 way speaker costing 6k is absurd regardles of the engineering cost. Check out the cost of raw drivers at Madisound or Parts Express if you don't believe me. I wish speaker manufacturers had to publish the cost of parts for each product they sell. Perhaps the huge markup is why so many can stay in business with less then 20 dealers ! An experienced audiophile can put together a very good system for 6 grand by selecting mint used equipment. Manufacturers had better realize that they are not only competing with other new products but also with vast quantities of used gear that is made to last for years. Hay guys, does 10% unemployment mean anything to you. Wake up and smell the coffee before you find yourself making tables in a furniture factory. BTW I am not venting but just trying to bring a little reality to an insane world.

Nils Holgersson's picture

Thx for venting William Willes.If you REALLY want to see an insane world plz google on "DIY Speakers"!I would actually pay money to NOT have anything like that i my apartment.About the price.. 6 grand for a great piece of good lookin kit!A bargain!

Max's picture

I'm in love with these Finn!

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To William Willes: Are you kiddind me? Reducing the price of established anf respected speaker manufacturers is insulting at best.

What is suggested here is that if you were in the software business and were creating a $ 30,000 software for let's say, controlling cnc machines, and that this software came on 3 CD-ROM disks, it would be only worth the .99 cents cd the software is burned on?

High-end loudspeakers are built upon hundreds of hours of research, manufacturing designs and listening sessions.

This is what you really pay for, and it is worth much more than the cost of materials.

You obviously know nothing about this side of reality.