Vandersteen Audio 3A loudspeaker Sidebar 4: Manufacturers' Comments

Sidebar 4: Manufacturers' Comments
Editor: Thank you for this opportunity to comment on the review of our Model 3A loudspeaker. The distorted, fluttery sound heard on the introductory drumstrokes of the Jurassic Park soundtrack was the active acoustic coupler reaching its excursion limits and hitting the rubberized stops built into the driver. These excursion stops prevent bottoming and greatly reduce the chance of the driver being damaged. We have found very few pieces of recorded music with bass levels capable of pushing the driver to its limits. To safely and properly reproduce the thunderous sound effects of modern blockbuster films in a Home Theater system, however, even speakers with the superior bass capabilities of the Model 3A must be mated with subwoofers. Undoubtedly, some will scoff at the idea of using subwoofers with speakers as large and full-range as the 3As, but those who know and understand crossover theory will recognize that large, full-range speakers are required for a linear blend with subwoofers. (Basic filter theory dictates that you must have linear response at least an octave above and below a crossover point for a predictable transition. Only large, full-range speakers can accurately reach the required 30-40Hz range.) A limited supply of some key components has delayed the initiation of the 3 to 3A update program until June 1995. At that time, Model 3 owners can contact the factory to schedule updates for their speakers.—Richard Vandersteen, Vandersteen Audio