Urban Fidelity reaches its goal

Congrats to Josh Ray and Urban Fidelity for reaching their Kickstarter goal. With the funding necessary to get off and running, Urban Fidelity seems poised to make a big debut at this year’s Rocky Mountain Audiofest. In pictures, they're gorgeous, but I can’t wait to find out how these speakers really look and sound.

But at just $399/pair ($299/pair, if purchased before August 8), they seem like a bargain: floorstanding loudspeakers, made in the US, featuring several unique designs by independent artists.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I would say that even if we consider the Urban Fidelity loudspeakers as nothing more than art objects, it’d be difficult to argue with their price. I think their physical and conceptual design alone could be worth $399/pair. If they actually make music, it’ll be a major bonus.

Now that the company has reached its goal, it'll be interesting to see where they go. There's great potential. Apparently, enough people agree. Have you purchased a pair yet?

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...but the 'old farts' at the Audio Asylum gave them a unanimous thumbs down based on the graphics alone. Considering that, Urban Fidelity should probably consider a less splashy look for the 30+ crowd.  As I said, I dig the whole concept, cheap, made in the USA, and cool graphics, but maybe I'm a bit more artsy than average.

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Something tells me that, with this particular design, Urban Fidelity isn't targeting "the old farts."

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...was Urban Fidelity should consider an optional less splashy design for the 30+ crowd.

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I don't think it's an issue of age as much as it is an issue of perspective. I bet there are a lot of people over the age of 30 who would appreciate the Urban Fidelity concept.

I find a lot of traditional hi-fi to be overly flashy, in a ridiculously ugly, audacious, absurd, ridiculous, ugly way.

To my eyes, even the flashiest of Urban Fidelity's designs is at least attractive. But I think you and I agree on this. I also have to wonder if those who've criticized the artwork have taken the time to view all of the designs that already exist. There are a lot of options, and it stands to reason that Urban Fidelity will release even more. Maybe even the stodgiest old fart will be appeased. Again, though, I don't think Urban Fidelity is targeting old farts.

All that said, CNET's Steve Guttenberg reports that Urban Fidelity has other models in the works. So, we'll see.

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Spica and Pixel give this particular design four paws up.

But seriously, I think they've got a great eye for graphics on the ones I've seen so far.

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Scull Kitty is also Ms. Little's favorite.

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In a design like this... there is any bass???

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After reading the info, I went to kickstarter, did some research on open baffle speakers, and decided to jump in. If they're awesome I'll use them in my photography studio, if they're OK, I'll use them in my office for background music. I've got a nice subwoofer so the potential lack of bass wasn't a killer for me, and I had a set of open baffle speakers a very long time ago. Not to imply that there was anything other than the speakers themselves propped up vertically on bar stools, with old belts keeping them from vibrating off, and the heavy plastic-wood back rest behind them acting as a reflecting surface.  It was a long time until I found something that sounded as good at moderate listening volumes.  I'd think that the speaker options out there today would be much better than in the 1970s.

I'm of two minds on the graphics... I love the concept, but am lukewarm or less on most of the existing graphics. I chalk that up to being an artist myself, with several pieces of my work used as graphic elements (not as photographs) in various ways. There's always that thought that I've got an even better graphic... I'll get over it, I think.

If they had an economic way to offer a "your graphic" option, I think they'd get even more interest. Hard to go broke investing in serving the "me"s out there.

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I fear that any comments i have about these will not go down to well.

If you want art then... buy art, so much of this speakers expenditure goes to the artist. Will they do a version without art, to which one could apply their own. Without the art though there is not much left to recommend.

Maybe they should do a kit version ie two drive units and instructions how to cut and glue a couple of bits of MDF or ply.

Something for the ipad generation...........................